My consultations to mental health clinicians
Learning From Ethical Dilemmas  

Ethical clinical dilemmas provide opportunities to learn more nuanced ways of thinking about such dilemmas—learning to tease apart the clinical issues, the legal issues, the ethical issues, and the risk management issues. With a deeper understanding of these four variables, clinicians can think about their clients and dilemmas a new ways. 
Vulnerabilities and Strengths: Helping Clients See and Harness Their Superpowers

Therapy can focus on what’s not working well in clients’ lives, and then how to improve those areas. It can also focus on clients’ strengths. Yet a given characteristic or behavioral tendency can be either a strength or vulnerability, depending on the context. In the wrong context or amount, a superpower can create havoc. Heroes are diligent in learning the parameters of their powers, to channel and control them, and learn when, and in what context, to use them. Through consultation, we can reframe clients’ challenges and opportunities in a new way, and in turn you can then help clients think about them in a new way, deepening their motivation for the work ahead. 

I also consult to businesses, start-ups, non-profit organizations, and the arts on research, on mental health, on marketing, and on incorporating aspects of scientific psychology. Below are some of my past clients.

Robin S. Rosenberg, Ph.D., ABPP
Clinical Psychologist

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