Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy is for couples whose relationship is having challenges that the partners have not been able to address effectively. Such challenges may include hurtful patterns of interaction, problems handling conflict, differences in important values that cannot be resolved, sexual issues or differences, past betrayals (such as a physical or emotional affair, secretive financial transactions). During couples therapy, we identify the specific issues and goals, deepen each partner’s understanding of each other’s positions, and develop and practice new tools and skills to address these issues.

I generally use the   Gottman Method Couples Therapy, which is based on 35 years of research on couples by psychologist John Gottman and others. This method of couples therapy helps partners:

  • Increase respect, affection, and closeness
  • Break through and resolve conflict when you feel stuck
  • Generate greater understanding between you and your partner
  • Keep conflict discussions calm
  • Maintain improvements in your relationship.

In addition for couples contemplating or planning separation/divorce, if offer PreDivorce Couples Therapy. For more information about that, click here

About Me

I am a clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience helping people. I:

  • have taken all three levels of Gottman Couples therapy training
  • am research-driven and the author of college-level psychology textbooks
  • have been certified in clinical psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology
  • am a Fellow of the American Association of Clinical Psychology.

Thanks for your interest

 Robin S. Rosenberg, Ph.D., ABPP

Clinical Psychologist


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