PreDivorce Couples Therapy

PreDivorce Couples Therapy is for couples either (a) contemplating separation/divorce, or (a) who have decided to proceed with a separation or divorce.

For couples contemplating separation/divorce, PreDivorce Couples Therapy helps you both to determine what foundations exist for this relationship going forward, and what issues require deeper understanding by both of you. I work with you both to clarify each partner’s goals for the relationship, obstacles that currently make those goals unattainable, and the ways that you can together better handle conflict and communication. Then I work with you both to identify, develop, and implement the knowledge and skills necessary for you to work together effectively to achieve your goals or decide, amicably and respectfully, to separate based on the knowledge gained of each other and yourselves in this process.

For couples who have decided to proceed with a separation/divorce, the goal of PreDivorce Couples Therapy is to help you work together well enough and with respect to reach the outline of a financial and/or custody agreement without a high-conflict legal process. Thus, the underpinning for that goal is a respectful working relationship. (This is particularly important when there are children involved.) For some couples, during an early step in the process I may teach emotion regulation skills to help you both manage the strong feelings that can be counterproductive to an effective working relationship.

Such a relationship is characterized by four main processes: fondness and respect for each other; clear, direct communication; a method of problem-solving; and a sense that joint responsibilities are shared. Couples may find some or all of these processes strained or broken. PreDivorce Couples Therapy helps identify the processes that aren’t working, provides you with tools to strengthen these processes, and coaches you as you implement those tools.

About Me

I am a clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience helping people. I:

  • have taken all three levels of Gottman Couples therapy training
  • am research-driven and the author of college-level psychology textbooks
  • have been certified in clinical psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology
  • am a Fellow of the American Association of Clinical Psychology.

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 Robin S. Rosenberg, Ph.D., ABPP

Clinical Psychologist


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