Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy

Virtual Reality Exposure (VRE) Therapy is a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety, fears, and phobias that uses virtual reality to provide exposure to anxiety-producing stimuli that normally are experience outside my office. VRE brings those stimuli into the office so that we can work on it together. 

For clients who are interested, together we can use VRE therapy for:

  • anxiety about/fear of flying
  • anxiety about/fear of heights
  • anxiety about/fear of driving (e.g., tunnels, bridges, highways)
  • anxiety about/fear of needles
  • anxiety about/fear of open spaces or crowded spaces
  • anxiety about/fear of public speaking
  • anxiety about/fear of being in imaging devices (e.g., MRI machines)
  • anxiety about/fear of specific locations
  • relaxation/meditation.

I use the Limbix VRE system. You can read about it in the New York Times, read an overview about the research with VRE, and watch a video about the therapeutic use of VRE (though not the Limbix system) here.

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