My Coaching Practice: 

Types of Coaching

What is coaching? A coach helps you to:

  • Identify problems
  • Design a plan of action
  • Develop or improve skills
  • Implement the plan of action, working through the inevitable changes and any obstacles.

I offer different types of coaching, each with a different focus and set of goals:

  1. Executive Coaching
  2. In-Transition Coaching
  3. Next-Step Relationship Coaching

Executive Coaching

As a psychologist, I harvest the research from behavioral science to help executives develop their interpersonal skills, enhance their performance, and effect change. I work with you to identify and improve interpersonal skills. In addition, I work with clients who are in the process of succession planning for business or estate planning, to help clarify values-based plans within realistic constraints. For more information about executive coaching, click here.



In-Transition Coaching 

Transitions are a time for us to think about who we want to become as part of our lives change. Being in transition offers us an opportunity to reflect on our values (and the ways they may have changed), our goals and how they fit with the goals others (and companies) set out for us, and our identities in the different areas of our lives. We know from many decades of psychological research that a given individual is, in fact, different across contexts—that is, each of us has a variety of alter egos, with different alter egos for different contexts.

In-transition coaching applies the bounties of psychological research to help people develop alter egos that are consistent with their values and goals. A perfect time to develop new alter egos is during times of transition: when contemplating a transition, when in the middle of a transition, or in the aftermath of a transition. For more information about In-Transition coaching, click here



Next Step Relationship Coaching

Next Step Relationship Coaching is for couples who want to deepen their commitment to each other during a transitional period in their relationship, such as moving in together, buying a home together, getting engaged or married, negotiating a prenuptial or co-habitation agreement, having a child. 

Next Step Relationship Coaching helps you both understand each other at a deeper level and share important values you each holds, particularly as it related to the next step in the relationship. Together we then identify conflict areas, both those associated with that next step and previous conflict areas that have not yet been resolved. I help you both detect potentially hurtful or unproductive patterns of managing conflict, and then help you both develop and practice targeted skills to manage your differences and conflicts with understanding and respect.  For more information about Next Step Relationship coaching, click here.


Benefits of Coaching

The benefits of coaching typically include:

  • Obtaining greater clarity of your values, goals, strengths, talents and abilities,
  • Identifying and incorporating what sustains and refreshes you in life
  • Creating paths to achieve value-aligned goals
  • Actively transforming your identity to be closer to who you want to be
  • Increased sense of mastery and personal satisfaction.

About Me

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience helping people. I:

My coaching style is warm, direct, positive, and challenging. I help my clients get clear on their values and goals, the parts of themselves they’d like to develop, and the paths forward to become more of the person they’d like to be.

Questions about Coaching? 

Click here for an FAQ about coaching.

My coaching policies are here.


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"Dr. Rosenberg brings expertise, wisdom and practical life experience to any mother struggling with work life balance or any woman deciding what her priorities are. With her help I learned to find my superpower of making tradeoffs based on what really matters to me. Finally I let myself off the hook for what I wasn't doing, and made choices I could feel good about by banishing outdated ideals of perfection in all realms. Dr. Rosenberg has been there herself and with her help you can go farther than reclaiming sanity--and stake your claim to your superpower!"

 –Lara Honos-Webb, Ph.D., coach and author of The Gift of ADHD and Listening to Depression 

 Robin S. Rosenberg, Ph.D., ABPP

Clinical Psychologist

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