Welcome! As a clinical psychologist with over 25 years of experience, I provide a diverse range of services to adults.

In my psychotherapy practice, I try to help people develop new tools, skills, and awareness and to capitalize on people‚Äôs strengths and resources in order to reduce their distress or suffering, and to increase the quality of their daily lives and their connections with others. 

In my work as a certified Life Coach, I try to help people develop or refine their mission and purpose and add new meaning to their lives, to acknowledge and harness the abilities and skills that can strengthen them, to help them overcome obstacles, and ultimately transform them. 

Throughout my career I have always used the clinical skills and principles I have learned to help people in varying situations and capacities. Sometimes I serve in a more traditional role providing psychotherapy, at other times I serve as more of a consultant or coach. 

In addition, I write about psychology for a general audience, typically using fictional characters to illustrate psychological concepts and phenomena. I also write psychology textbooks for college students. 

My work also includes providing consultation to businesses and not-for-profit organizations.

My offices are conveniently located near public transportation in both San Francisco and in Menlo Park, California. Feel free to explore this website by clicking on the links at the bottom or top of the page, or contact me for more information.


Note: The information provided on this website is not intended to replace professional consultation and mental health services, nor does it imply a professional relationship between Dr. Robin Rosenberg and the reader.

Robin S. Rosenberg, Ph.D., ABPP
Clinical Psychologist

Offices in:
  • Mission/Noe Valley, San Francisco
  • Menlo Park, California

Mailing address: 
1220 University Drive; Suite 103
Menlo Park, CA 94025


Cal. Lic. #24085                
Mass. Lic. #4604